Wild King Salmon Belly

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$16.95 / lb

Wild Troll Caught King Salmon Belly…fattiest part of the fish!

High Omega 3s

Seared, sautéed or sashimi these are unbeatable!

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1 review for Wild King Salmon Belly

  1. Maria Salonga

    I got a bag each of crab, slice of salmon and salmon belly from your stand at The Fountains on July 10. They were delicious and fresh. I was surprised though that the belly slices were not whole strips (tip to tip); rather they were cuts with fins on (but mind you those fins were great too) . Can we have them the way they’re pictured in this page?

  2. Pete Currington

    Hi Maria. That must have been a new fillet person, as our belly portions are supposed to have the fins removed…glad enjoyed them!

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