1. Sale prices are for Pre-Orders ONLYThe Prices shown throughout this website are for orders taken on this site, also known as “pre-orders”.  These prices will not be valued on walk-in market purchases.  Any additional items ordered, beyond your pre-ordered items, will be marked at full price at the market.
  2. Prices are approximate and depend on the exact weight of fillet when the order is picked up.The prices determined here on you pre-order sale are approximate and can be different upon pickup.  We cannot make exact cuts, but are usually with the .2/lb.
    If you are paying by check, please do not complete your check according to your shopping cart price before pickup.
  3. Please specify the size of the fillet cuts you would like for each item you order (unless it is shellfish/crab/etc.)There is an “Additional Notes” section to the right of the billing information where you can specify these notes along with any other notes for each order.
  4. All pre-orders must be entered at least 2 days before the market chosen upon checkoutAny orders taken after the 2 day mark will be applied to the next week’s orders.  If items ordered are not available for the following week, you will be notified.
  5. Please take care to choose the correct market you will be picking your order up at.We will do our best to remind you about your order.  We put trust and faith in our customers as we do not charge a down payment on pre-orders through our site.  If, for some reason, you are unable to make it to the market for pickup, you can notified us by phone or email.  Considerations will be taken to work out an alternative plan for pickup.
  6. Canceled OrdersPlease cancel orders 2 or more days before the market day.