Fresh 5+ Black Cod Grade 1 Fillet

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$26.95 / lb

Please note that your price is approximate and that the cuts will vary in size.  The final price will be determined when you pick up your order.

  • Our Bodega Bay Black Cod also goes by Butterfish or Sablefish
  • These fish are caught deep in the canyons via trap off the California coast
  • Pound for pound, there is no higher fish in Omega-3’s than this guy
  • Great for grilling or baking
  • Each order will be packed on ice when you pick up
  • You may order in .5 pound increments below and can specify cut instructions upon checkout
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3 reviews for Fresh 5+ Black Cod Grade 1 Fillet

  1. fotoheart

    This might be my favorite new fish! The texture was silky, almost velvety. Decades ago, I used to buy butterfish at the grocery store because it was cheap, but it was nothing like this. This Black Cod was wonderful!

  2. Grace (verified owner)

    This fish is so buttery, light and absolutely delicious grilled. Thanks for introducing this to us. When we go out to a nice fish restaurant, we look for this fish and the only place we found it on the menu was in Canada.

  3. Grace (verified owner)

    We’ve been buying fish at the farmers market for at least 5 years now. We love everything we’ve bought. The freshness can’t be beat. Black cod (aka, butterfish) is the lightest, creamiest fish there is. Highly recommend!!

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