Fresh Wild Halibut Cheeks

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$40.95 / lb

Please note that your price is approximate and that the cuts will vary in size.  The final price will be determined when you pick up your order.

  • Northern Halibut Season is in season until the winter
  • Fresh halibut cheeks are a fisherman’s secret and rarely make it off the boat.  Lucky for you, you know a fisherman
  • Sweet boneless white meat that is often compared to fresh crab meat
  • Great for searing or sauteeing.  Cook them hot and fast
  • Each order will be packed on ice when you pick up
  • You may order in .5 pound increments below and can specify cut instructions
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3 reviews for Fresh Wild Halibut Cheeks

  1. barbara henrioulle (verified owner)

    These ‘cheeks’ are the filet mignon of fish! Dense, flavorful and absolutely scrumptuous on the grill! Treat yourself and your friends to this delight that is available only periodically throughout the season if at all!

  2. Virginia Brunn

    I have purchased your quality fish for numerous seasons/ pleased everytime

  3. Chris Cochran (verified owner)

    Halibut cheeks are in that group of seafood labeled, “if you can find it, get it.” The flavor must be experienced as purely as possible, with little prep or additions to get in the way, including side dishes. A little flour, salt, pepper, quick sauté in butter and done.

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