Fresh Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab NOT AVAILABLE!

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SADLY WE ARE NOT OFFERING CRAB FOR THANKSGIVING.  Due to closures and fuel pricing we just were not confident we could secure it for everyone.  We do not feel confident in pricing or availability at this point.  I’m so sorry for any inconvenience.  Please know crab seen locally in the stores will most certainly be last year’s frozen…

Crabs are ordered by the each, but sold by the pound.  Please indicate the number of crabs you’d like to reserve at $21.95 per pound. Please note at the first of the season we do not grade our crab but choose the best for preorder customers.  Sizes vary.  Actual price will be determined when you pick up your order.

  • $21.95 Per Pound
  • Great for Steaming or Enjoying Cold
  • Each order will be packed on ice when you pick up
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Crab are sold before they are caught.  We do not sell crab that’s been caught a week before like the grocery stores do.  That said, weather plays a large role in pulling gear.  We will send an email with an update if it is not going to be available.  Please watch your inbox or provide an alternate substitution in comments section of your order in the event of unavailability.  Thank you!

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1 review for Fresh Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab NOT AVAILABLE!

  1. Joanne Porter (verified owner)

    Most amazing crab

    Picked up my order this week. The crab tastes sweet and not too salty as the crab from other places. Super yummy and I had to share with my 2 yr old toddler who kept asking for more and I couldn’t crack fast enough for him.

  2. Pete Currington (verified owner)

    Thanks Joanne. We are so glad you enjoyed it! My granddaughter is 2 and it’s the same! We can’t crack it fast enough:)

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